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This is a discussion on Fetor's Forex Course within the Commercial Automated Trading Systems forums, part of the Commercial Forex Trading Systems, Indicators, and Training Products category; just released a new video course on trading forex: The website has been one of greatest resource for ...

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Old 03-18-2009, 08:21 AM
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Default Fetor's Forex Course just released a new video course on trading forex:

The website has been one of greatest resource for forex that can be found online, so I guess this course should be at least "up to something". But that's just my feeling which is not based on any evidence.

Here is a breakdown of the course:

Course Introduction

Total Run Time: 4 min 17 secs

This section introduces Fetor and how he came to his conclusions of why itís important to understand the market, interpret it and how to make money from it.

Outlines the importance of learning to trade and explains why indicators donít work.

Foundations of Trading: Supply and Demand

Total Run Time: 9 min 14 secs

This section explains the basis of supply and demand and how this applies to trading the Forex market.

The importance of price action is explained by the representation of how price moves and what makes it move; the belief that price is cheap or expensive.

Support and Resistance

Total Run Time: 22 min 40 secs

- Explains how to place support and resistance in areas where there has been both support and resistance in the past, in order to determine where the buyers and the sellers can be found.
- The importance of understanding that support and resistance is NOT a line; it is an area.
- How to stop buying and then having the price reverse on you immediately.
- How to recognise selling and buying areas so you can trade with the market, and not find yourself fighting against the market.
- Why you should trade support and resistance.
- How to deal with the biggest issue of fear.
- How to find the safest places to enter and exit the market.

Trend Lines

Total Run Time: 28 min 17 secs

- How to place trend lines because support and resistance is not just horizontal.
- Understanding the importance of trend lines in conjunction with support and resistance.
- Understanding the importance of higher highs and higher lows, so you can trade with the trend.
- How to recognise market sentiment so you can see when the price is going to change direction.
- How to find places to enter the market to maximise gains.
- How to set targets and stop losses to know when to exit the market, while minimising risk.
- Even if you missed the initial move you will now know where you can get in on a rebound.

Fibonnaci Retracement and Support and Resistance
Total Run Time: 9 min 26 secs

- Validate your trade and add confidence to your trading.
- Gives another way to help reinforce the places to enter a trade and the places to exit.

Protecting Your Stop

Total Run Time: 9 min 31 secs

- Explains how to protect your stop loss by choosing an optimal entry.
- The stop loss must be in a place that maintains proper money management.
- Must be in the area that balances the lowest risk with the maximum opportunity to win.

Long Term Trading

Total Run Time: 57 min 29 secs

This section gives a number of live charts showing how to put it all together on a longer timeframe. If you want the bigger pip count with minimal stress then larger time frames will give you those opportunities. When we say longer time frames we mean 1 hour charts and above. This does not mean you will be in a trade for hours or days. It simply means the timeframe of the chart you are making your trading decisions from.

Here you will be able to see how to apply the principles, mentioned above, on real charts. You will be able to see that it works for any chart and any time frame because this method is based on the secret of how the Forex market actually works, and not some useless indicator based system.

Explains the importance of not only candle patterns but also the importance of where they occur!!

Get a real insight into how you can have the same success.

Short Term Trading

Total Run Time: 30 min 19 secs

This section explains the differences between trading short time frames versus longer time frames.

Live charts are used to show you how to put it all together. This way you can see how you can trade the longer timeframes but use the smaller timeframes to more accurately time your entry and, therefore, get an optimal price.

Chart Patterns

Total Run Time: 27 min 8 secs

Fetor covers a number of different chart patterns and actually explains why they work to make you even more pips! He explains how the secret of the market leads to these patterns and how you can trade them to maximise your return. By this point, you will understand the psychology behind the market and how to tap into this profit potential.

The following patterns are explained:

- Parallel Channels
- Rising/Falling Wedge
- Double Tops/Bottoms
- Ascending/Descending Triangles
- Bump and Run
- Head and Shoulders
- Symmetrical Triangle
- Rounding Effect of Price

Market Analysis

Total Run Time: 1 hr 5 min 23 secs

Real life examples are given of trades taken showing many of these principles in action. These give you opportunities to see how these trades worked on both long term charts and short term charts, following everything you have learnt from this video course.
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Old 03-30-2009, 07:16 AM
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Hmm..$149..not bad...

Have you bought this course yet? If so please let us know its worth...
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